Virgo Hexagrams

DAYLIGHT IS DECREASING    =    Momentum towards responsibility

MORE DAYLIGHT THAN DARKNESS  =  Individuality predominates

MUTABLE     =   Adaptable, perceptive, manipulative.

EARTH = Practical, materialistic, down to earth, tactile.

FEMININE = Reflective

RULED BY = MERCURY: need to communicate and  make connections.

KEYNOTE: = “I analyze”

PART OF BODY = Intestines, Alimentary canal, spleen.

COLOUR = Yellow-green.

GEMS = Pink jasper, hyacinth, agate, marble, topaz, and aquamarine..

METALS = Mercury

HERBS = Fennel, dill, licorice, endive, mandrake, skullcap, savory, southern wood, valerian, walnuts.

The relationship of Astrology to the I Ching