Jagger’s Hexagram Totals

Jagger's Hexagram totals.

Mick Jagger’s Hexagram totals. While the chart with the hexagram positions is printed out, the hexagram accentuations are totaled. This results in a special printout that takes all 513 hexagram horoscope accentuations and presents them as a study guide to the I Ching. All the 64 hexagrams are listed by their number in the Wilhelm/Baynes version of the I Ching. They are listed in zodiacal order down both sides of the page. The lines are from 1 to 6 from the bottom to the top of each hexagram. The number of accentuations on each line of a hexagram are totaled and presented from left to right for each level. These three levels are then added together and the totaled with a percentage of emphasis (given in decimal form) and a grand total of accents for each line. Certain hexagram themes stand out – The most and the least accentuated. What is most accentuated will appear very familiar and the lessons pointed. What is least accentuated will be somewhat unfamiliar and at times obscure.

In Mick Jagger’s hexagram totals, The maximum hexagram accentuation for Mick Jagger is Hexagram 39, Obstruction. Out of all of the horoscope accentuations  this hexagram appears 20 times, or close to 4%. Line 6 has been activated 9 times, followed by Line 3 with 4 accents.

Hexagram 39, Line 6: Obstruction


Danger on the mountain.

Obstacles arise.

A dangerous crevasse in front, an extremely steep mountain behind.

Trouble ahead, trouble behind!

The solution lies in keeping still and maintaining a positive attitude.

Negative thoughts will lead to severe repercussions.

If the obstacles are too great, retreat,

Join forces with friends who think alike,

and put yourself in the hands of an able leader.

The value of such adversity is that it can help in self-development.

Do not cast  blame on others.

It is time to improve oneself.

       The mountain could easily be the stage or Jagger’s career. It has always seemed to be surrounded by danger. He dances in front of the dangerous audience, with the ominous power of the band and the music industry behind him. This danger could also refer to the drugs and illegal activities on the stage.

In Mick Jagger’s hexagram totals each line of this hexagram 39 has some activity in it and is worth reading. However, the sixth line is the most active. This line refers to a man who is blocked from retiring, and who must return into the Life’s turmoil. Because he returns, great deeds can be accomplished.

       This suggests that we can expect to see Jagger returning to the turmoil of the stage even when he is seventy. Just one more performance, to hell with the obstacles!

There are two hexagrams that stand out for being the least accentuated and they are Hexagram 50: The Caldron, and Hexagram 36: The Darkening of the Light.

       These are the themes least likely to be prominent in Jagger’s character. However, they are distinctive because these are the lessons he is least likely to have learned.

In the Caldron one is warned about  carelessness in preparing food. If the food spills or the pot breaks ……. misfortune.  In the Darkening of the Light, the superior man is surrounded by inferior people. He must learn to keep his light within.

These are not necessarily negative themes, but they are conspicuous in his life. Where and what Jagger would eat on the road probably implied little discrimination. Also Jagger is known for showing off all his light. He has rarely given up an opportunity to shine.

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