Jagger’s Asc

Mick Jagger’s Asc is at 13° Gemini 06’

            The ascendant shows how someone projects his image out into the world of strangers, friends, status, relationships, and deals. It is his identity or persona …. his mask.

            The Gemini Ascendant suggests a double identity  which is quick witted and curious. It shows someone who sees himself putting his own ideas into action. This rising sign often endows a person with agility and speed. This points to someone who might try anything once! Certainly, Jagger does have a double identity. On the one side he is a freewheeling radical and on the other a very controlling business tycoon. Jagger has always identified to contrast, and he has maintained a personal double standard. He thrives on being different or contrary. Even in his cross-dressing role challenging everyone to notice, he makes a very powerful Gemini statement…… I can go both ways. Go figure. He likes to think that he does not fit into pigeonholing or easy labelling. He is different and unique.

            With his ascendant conjunct Uranus Jagger projects to shock or shake up others. He identifies with excitement and hates boredom, even if the excitement leads to trouble ………… especially if the excitement leads to trouble.

            Unfortunately, this Uranus Ascendant conjunction squares his Venus implying  that Jagger is very insecure about satisfaction. He could worry about falling in love until he does, and then he could worry the relationship away by keeping aloof, excited, and distant!

The I Ching Hexagrams related to Mick Jagger’s Asc are:

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is

                                    “Possession in Great Measure”, Hexagram 14, Line 5.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is

                                    “Breakthrough”, Hexagram 43, Line 6.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is

                                    “Duration”, Hexagram 32, Line 4.

The Main Theme of the Asc (1st level hexagram) is:


Fire in the heavens. Burning creativity.

Great light on great light.

Fire on the stage, in the spotlight, and in the star.

Everyone notices fire in the heavens.

Fire is dependent on its fuel.

       This points to the drugs alcohol use of the band.

Creative fire brings great success.

Inner strength coupled with outer clarity and culture,

brings success and wealth.

       Witness: “If you play with me, then you play with fire!”, “High and Dry”, “Star, Star”, and “Its the Singer Not The Song”.

Fire in the heaven

brings light to good and evil.

The Sun shines on all.

The question:  Is creativity good or evil?

       This is a personal concern for Jagger, being caught in the shadow of the good guy Beatles, and being one of the bad guy Stones.

Lightning in the sky creates ominous feelings

that in the end releases built up tensions.

       Never mind “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, Jagger is  ‘Lightning on the Stage with Excitement’ and danger all around him.

Line 5: the Special Emphasis.

If his truth is reachable

it brings good fortune.

Sincerity brings honor and dignity.

      Jagger’s message is human. It’s about passion and sex and SEX. His message is reachable, just beneath most people’s facade. He sings desire. He sounds real……. Real exciting. Everyone hears the message whether they like it or not!

The ‘Special Focus” Hexagram (level 2) is:


Creative joy.

Here pleasure and happiness are held in high esteem.

A cloudburst breaks the tension.

Creative pleasure breaks through repression

to dance for joy or pleasure.

       Jagger loves to dance and shock.


One must talk to the courts.

Honesty is essential.


This is not the time to fight.

Call for support from within.

Undertaking something leads to increase.

Weak people in authority can oppress superior men.

Passion fights reason.

Good fights evil.

If evil is accentuated it leads to violence and greater evil.

Fighting faults directly makes them worse.

Accentuate the good and evil will fall away.

       This has been a strong lesson for Jagger. It shows clearly in his acceptance of and ability to work with stoned or addicted musicians. It is also the teaching to be gained from Altamont where several fans were killed, one directly in front of the stage. Jagger, after that began to distance himself from the Hell’s Angels.

The Image:


The lake in the heavens.

The great man showers his riches down to the people.

He does not rest on his virtue.

Selfishness can lead to collapse.

       One thing is certain and that is that Jagger is not known for his virtue, much less resting on it. For years Jagger refused to support any special causes. After his marriage to Bianca he did champion the cause of the Nicaraguans.

Line 6:

No Crying.

In the end misfortune.

Even in success darkness comes.

No remorse, no tears, no sorrow, no compassion.

Without a change of heart, evil will reoccur.

There is a healing value for tears.

       Jagger attracted much darkness during his tours, but they were still successful business adventures. Even Altamont , his free concert, brought much attention and sold records. Jagger is constantly on guard for his life because of the environment that grew around him. Does what you put out always come back? …… sooner or later, yes it does!

The Intimate Detail Hexagram is “Duration”

Thunder in wind will endure.

Here we have shocking penetration and gentleness.

       This is how many of his female fans see Jagger. They sense that he is gentle behind the shocking masks.

The superior man holds firm and does not change direction.

       Jagger held on to his blues roots and his band. He kept in touch with time and rode the wave of destiny, touring on the wave of the British invasion.

Line Four:

No game in the field.

Searching correctly is important.

You cannot be shot if you cannot be found.

       Jagger’s travelling and erratic time schedule would prevent a predictable routine from developing. No one would know for sure which door of the theatre they would enter through nor by which exit they would leave. A moving target is harder to hit. John Lennon’s movements were predictable; Mick Jagger’s were not!

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