Pisces Considerations

Pisces Considerations

Some Pisces Considerations:

Pisces is a Mutable sign.

This makes it perceptive and adaptable.

Opportunities for adventure arise.

There is much to perceive and much to manipulate.

One can easily get pulled into complications

Or be overwhelmed by expectations.

It will be difficult for you to live up to both your own and other people’s expectations.

Life will often seem unfair and inconsiderate.

Strive for self-reliance. Increase faith.

Diminish guilt.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter.

One’s understanding will condition one’s actions

And determine the results.

Hold to your moral principles and beliefs.

Kindness and compassion will lead to fulfillment.

Degeneration and corruption will have its appropriate consequences.

The challenge is to remain without blame.

This is the trigram of the Clinging Fire.

This is the light or last phase of Winter.

Light is increasing

But darkness maintains its dominance.

Freedoms are increasing

But responsibilities must be taken care of first.

This is a time of personal sacrifice.

One should cling to what is right

And avoid unworthy company.

To maintain personal clarity

One must let go of bad habits and personal dependencies.

This is the Eight-fold Path of Right Action.

One is advised to maintain peaceful and honourable conduct.

Do not destroy life.

Do not steal. Avoid all dishonest dealings.

One should avoid improper sexual intercourse.

One should try to help others to maintain these same standards.

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