Jagger’s I.C.

Mick Jagger’s I.C. is at 8° Leo 09’

            The I.C. is the point of personal motivation and inner integrity. It reveals the backbone of a person, where he is coming from, and basically what makes him tick. We see it in the home or family we come from and the point of security within ourselves. It shows the influence of our dreams and our past on our present sense of reality and security.

            Mick Jagger’s I.C. is in Leo conjunct Pluto, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury, all in Leo. It is sextiled by Uranus and squared by Mars from the twelfth house. Primarily Jagger is motivated to be the best child of his mother, to get attention, and to impress mom. What starts out in youth as “Hey Mom look at me. See how good I am!”,   becomes in adult life “Hey babe, here I am! I was great for you, wasn’t I?”. Jagger is motivated by the need to be noticed and applauded. As he grew up, he wanted to be the best in school and worked hard for it. When he was no longer able to be best, he joined a band where he could shine and then left school for more glamorous adventure.

            The multiple conjunction in Leo shows the importance he placed on creative thinking and writing. It is essential for Jagger to make his point and impress others with his ideas. His sarcastic wit and excessive competitiveness reinforced his need to perform. There are elements of darkness in his understanding and his environment. He would fight injustice as he saw it. “Play with Me and You Play with Fire”. In truth Jagger is more of an idea man and songwriter than a passionate beast.

            His passionate, seemingly evil persona is more performance than substance. His motivation is to perform and write and see his name in lights. The astounding thought here is that he would do this through a band rather than independently, and that he would hold together with the band for as long as he has. Of course, from his eyes it would be his band.

The I Ching Hexagrams related to Mick Jagger’s I.C. are:

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is

                                    “Work on What’s Spoiled”, Hexagram 18, Line 3.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is

                                    “Great Taming Power”, Hexagram 26, Line 6.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is

                                    “Increase”, Hexagram 42, Line 6.

The Main Theme of the I.C. (1st level hexagram) is:


This hexagram and line also appeared for Venus on the third level. The symbol is an unclean bowl so dirty that worms are breeding in it. The challenge is how to remove the rot.

       This leads to the idea that Jagger’s need to be best is underscored by a sense of being spoiled or not good enough. He wrote, sang, and danced but only learned a musical instrument as time went by. He learned the blues harmonica. Jagger has to prove that he is better than he is or was. He has to be larger than life.

What has been spoiled by man can be repaired with effort.

Abuse of personal freedom leads to decay.

One must take an energetic stand against the source of corruption.

The fight is against inertia and indifference.

       Jagger’s energy is enhanced and exaggerated by the drug drained back up of the band. The worse they are, the better they make him look, better than he really is.

Here the superior man stirs up the people and strengthens their spirit.

       If nothing else Jagger and the Rolling Stones have certainly stirred up many a can of worms in their lives. Aaaahh!  The attention!

Line 3: The Special Emphasis.

Correcting what has been spoiled by the father.

Some embarrassment. No great guilt.

       Here Jagger is motivated to energetically repair the fact that he did not live up to his father’s expectations. In a way he did become a businessman and also and athlete. Witness his athletic dancing. His dad wanted an athlete but got a ballerina with an attitude. Jagger did take care of his family financially and provided better security for them. No guilt will come from this.

The ‘Special Focus’ (the level two hexagram) is:


       Jagger’s (I.C.) motivation and sense of security is aligned with the Moon which also resides in this hexagram at level one.

Here we have keeping still like a mountain above and the heavens or creativity below.

       Jagger has a unique quality to his dancing. In performance he will energetically dance and strut around the stage, and just at a peak moment he will stand still …..  enhancing the tension and excitement of the moment. He can restrain himself at a very powerful moment.  It has become his style.

This hexagram talks about holding firm in three ways: holding together, holding back, and holding steady.

       He did hold the band together. He can hold back when necessary. He holds to the stage and is cautious most of the time. He holds steady with the group and its blues roots. These are strong motivational concerns. Jagger has been motivated by the songs and creative blues musicians of the past. He vitalized the blues in a rock genre.

This hexagram encourages one to avoid eating at home and to cross the great water.

       Jagger has lived much of his life on the road and eating out!  He has always wanted to live in America.

Line 6: The specially accentuated line:

He accomplishes the creative way.

Heaven smiles.

Great success.

Repressed energies are released and lead to success.

The superior man attains honor and can shape the world.

       This implies that Jagger is motivated to succeed and become great. That his Leo Sun in house three rules the Leo on his I.C. further establishes his power in writing, travelling, and expressing himself.

The Intimate Detail Hexagram (3rd level) is called:


       With his I.C. in Increase Jagger is motivated to consistently increase his security and his fortunes. He has bought many homes and mansions in several countries.

Aroused gentleness: Wind and thunder.

These forces increase each other.

Sacrifice of the elevated elements to the advantage of the lower brings increase.

        Jagger certainly has the ability to stimulate and excite through gentleness. Performing on an elevated stage to the audience below also fits this idea.

It is important to do something and accept a challenge.

Crossing the great water is fortunate.

With devoted followers a leader will succeed

even amidst obstacles and danger.

When the time is right

one must go with it or the increase will be lost.

       Jagger and the Rolling Stones rode the tide of British musical fortune across the ocean to America and back. They went on extensive tours and worked hard to keep up and secure their fame and success. Keeping up with the tide of increase and advancement is a deeply motivating theme for Jagger.

The Image:

Imitate the good

 and get rid of personal faults.

This requires an ethical standard.

       Jagger from childhood had a remarkable sense of mimicry. He could sing a song after hearing it once on the radio.

Line 6:

He does not increase anyone.

Someone strikes him.

He doesn’t keep his heart steady.


If you don’t help others, no one will care.

If no one cares, enemies will approach, and harm will result.

If a man is abrupt in his movements no one will assist him.

If he is irritated in his words, no one will be inspired.

If he asks for something without securing relations first, he will be denied.

Danger will then draw near.

       Witness “Gimme Shelter”. In his attempt to give a free concert at the Altamont racetrack in California,  The Hell’s Angels were foolishly enlisted as security guards for the event. Four people died and one of them was murdered in front of the stage. This was not exactly a well secured relationship or performance.

With a now enhanced enthusiasm Jagger is motivated by security and a fear of violence on and off the stage.

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