Divination Using Uranus

Divination Using Uranus

Planet Uranus

Uranus is the planet of excitement and sudden change. It is considered to be revolutionary because it promotes change. Everyone needs excitement and yet excitement has the capacity to cause great disruptions and anxiety. Uranus represents our need for excitement and freedom. It also signifies individuality and uniqueness. A radical sense of not fitting in and of being different. This can stimulate genius or unique social challenges, but it can also bring great shock, anxiety and sudden loss. Whatever doesn’t belong, Uranus tries to leave behind or get rid of. Ever had a boss that or a parent that didn’t belong?

The freedom that Uranus strives for can be very disruptive and intolerant. Freedom is a precarious concept at the best of times. Uranus will reveal a place of unconformity and special genius. Unfortunately it often manifests as highly unstable and shocking. These are social cultural concerns as everyone born within a seven year cycle will have Uranus in the same sign. So it represents the seven year change in fashion or style and the need to be exiting, stimulating and special.

Symbol of Uranus

The zodiac sign that Uranus is in will show a seven year theme in the world when certain things are considers refreshing and new, and worth going for. There are twelve themes in Uranus’ eight-four year cycle. It is a generational influence that gets added to our character and nature.

Usually we see the nature of Uranus in the affairs of the house it is in. What ever house it is in, it will disrupt and destabilize, or at best try to transform. Usually it is where we feel insecure and very restless.

The aspect Uranus makes to other planets in the horoscope really reveals the direction of this need for excitement and change and the faculties (planets) that will be most disturbed by it.

I Ching Divination Using Uranus: The hexagrams and lines that Uranus occupies will be destabilized. Uranus will try to change the implications, for better or worse. One cannot expect a standard or conservative response from Uranus.

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