Aquarius Considerations

Aquarius Considerations

Some Aquarius Considerations:

Aquarius is a fixed sign.

Because it is a fixed sign, it is where cardinal and mutable energies meet at 15º Aquarius.

The first half of Aquarius is cardinal or assertive and driving. 

There is a tendency to make things happen and to set thoughts and plans in motion.

The second half of Aquarius is mutable.

It is inclined to adapt and adjust rather than push forward.

Cardinal is assertive and mutable is perceptive.

Aquarius has one foot on cardinal ground and the other foot on mutable ground. It is still winter and a cold time.

It will take preparation and forethought to achieve something.

It will take perception accompanied by adaptability to maintain it.

This is Aquarius: calculated action and insightful assessments of the effects of action.

Selective deliberation and strategy prevail

And remain dependent on the quality of insight.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn.

It is winter and a cold barren time.

There is a tendency to be reserved and aloof.

There is a need to be respected for one’s ideas and knowledge.

One is inclined to idealize authority.

One strives to be well informed and responsible.

The first half of Aquarius is affected by Saturn which reinforces the already reserved qualities.

The second half is affected by Jupiter bringing out a more adventurous and speculative quality.

Aquarius is the place where two trigrams meet at 15º.

They are the Shocking Arousing Force and the Clinging Fire.

Thunder and lightning.

There is both a need for change and the clarity to perceive it,

As long as one does not cling to unworthy ideas.

Two paths meet in Aquarius.

They are Right Speech and Right Action.

One must be cautious about what one says

and honourable in what one does.

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