Astrology I Ching Mandala

Astro-logic, Part 3: Hexagrams to Zodiac


Part Three: The Meanings of the Degree Symbols

By Robin Armstrong

(Originally published in

 Northern Lights of the Canadian Independent Astrologers Order

V.2, 1975-09-23)

Astrology I Ching Mandala
The relationship of the I Ching Hexagrams to the Zodiac signs.

In this work, it is necessary to distinguish between the Zodiac of Signs (or seasons) and the Zodiac of Constellations. To do this a new set of symbols were evolved. The traditional symbols are used when referring to the constellations. The new symbols are used when referring to the Tropical Zodiac of Signs. The traditional symbols are like letters, in that they appear to be fixed. The new symbols for the Tropical Zodiac which measures the constantly changing ratio of day to night throughout the year, all contain some form of spiral or wave motion and seem to echo the reality of Time. The two sets of symbols have a sympathetic similarity. In a very simplistic manner some thoughts about these symbols will be presented.

The main purpose of this article on the I Ching and Astrology, however, is to present a simplified version of the I Ching hexagram symbols for the degrees of the Zodiac. You will find a condensed symbol for each 6 degree segment of the Zodiac. The meanings have been derived from a psychological study of the Chinese Book of Changes (the I Ching).

Using the focus of the Sun, Moon, or any of the planets in your chart, or the Ascendant, the Descendant, M.C. or I.C. look up the symbol for the section of the Zodiac it is in.

Any comments, criticism, or questions that you the reader may have are welcome. Any feed-back will be appreciated.

Hexagrams in the Zodiac Degrees

Hexagrams in Aries
I Ching Hexagrams for Aries

Hexagrams in Taurus
Ching Hexagrams for Taurus.

Hexagrams in Gemini
I Ching Hexagrams for Gemini

Hexagrams in Cancer
I Ching Hexagrams for Cancer

Hexagrams in Leo
I Ching Hexagrams for Leo

Hexagrams in Virgo
I Ching Hexagrams for Virgo

Hexagrams in Libra
I Ching Hexagrams for Libra

Hexagrams in Scorpio
I Ching Hexagrams for Scorpio

Hexagrams in Sagittarius
I Ching Hexagrams for Sagittarius

Hexagrams in Capricorn
I Ching Hexagrams for Capricorn

Hexagrams in Aquarius
I Ching Hexagrams for Aquarius
Hexagrams in Pisces
I Ching Hexagrams for Pisces

The relationship of Astrology to the I Ching