Divination Using Pluto

Divination Using Pluto

Planet Pluto

Pluto is the planet of truth and consequences. As a god in mythology Pluto was feared. He was frighteningly truthful but never unjust. Pluto was justice to the letter of the law with little or no mercy! Pluto is the auditor general of the solar system. Deal with the truth and face the consequences. In the end, is there any real love without truth? Pluto in worldly affairs shows power struggles and confrontations. It shows how we face out fears, or are imprisoned by them. Pluto is the cutting edge of reality.

The sign Pluto is in shows a generational attitude to certain fears and challenges.

The house Pluto is in will usually be one where these confrontations and power struggles take place. Nothing is likely to come easily in the house that Pluto resides.

The aspects Pluto makes to other planets will put them under the spotlight of harsh reality. This can cause a great capacity to control and achieve or great fears of trying anything.

Symbol of Pluto

I Ching Divination Using Pluto: The hexagrams and lines that Pluto is in will give advice about dealing with these confrontations and power struggles. Pluto will challenge the truthfulness of the advice from the hexagrams and lines.

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