Jagger’s Mars

Mick Jagger’s Mars is Detriment at 12° Taurus 12’ in House 12

            This earthly Mars reveals Jagger’s physical sensuality. Jagger is extremely tactile. His body movements command appeal. His presence on stage is tangibly physical-sexual. He does things the way he wants. His actions if anything go overboard on the decadent side. Mars is somewhat self-centered and vain in Taurus. Jagger has a forceful determination that is often misunderstood, and it generates animosity and enemies.

            In House Twelve, Mars implies danger due to aggression and isolated sexuality. He shouts about how he “can’t get no satisfaction” , and struts tauntingly on the stage. His physicality is quite feminine. With the sesquiquadrate to Neptune, and the squares to Jupiter, Pluto, Sun, Mercury, and IC/MC Jagger has many difficult lessons to learn around his confused sexuality. Yes, it is confused. He puts out  feminine energy. This can be seen in his cross-dressing. Blouses, tutus, dresses, you name it!

            The Venus ruled Taurus position of Mars in House Twelve also accounts for his lack of refinement and taste. On stage Jagger goes beyond bad taste to crassness and  vulgarity. It is these vulgar actions that have made Jagger infamous. It brought him plenty of rewards financially through the band, and it created a bisexual following and its subsequent large market. He has consistently been one giant step beyond quality in visual tastes, but that is true of many musicians. Jagger simply over-emphasizes his appearance and movements ……….. enticing, appealing, but vulgar and base. This is the perfect combination for rock and blues.

            With all the squares to his Mars, Jagger exhibits a grating manner that increases tension. He is like a child that gets more attention from screaming and throwing a tantrum than from being good. Jagger has a distinct fear of violence. He also has a clear division between on stage performance and personal reality. On stage he is exceptional. In the bedroom, the story is not likely the same.

            By forcing issue to get what he wants, Jagger loses the ability to surrender control or to be personally satisfied for any sustainable period of time. He has an obsessive drive to make money and will do almost anything to get it. On the stage this works. Unfortunately, his performances generate gross and dangerous reactions. Even from the early days of the Blue Boys he would intimidate the crowd. It is amazing that there was only one lethal performance (Altamont). He is probably lucky (Sun conjunct Jupiter) that he was not the victim.

The I Ching Hexagrams related to Mick Jagger’s Mars are:

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is

                                    “Treading, Conduct”, Hexagram 10, Line 1.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is

                                    “Holding Together”, Hexagram 8, Line 5.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is

                                    “Breakthrough”, Hexagram 43, Line 5.

The Main Theme of Mars (1st level hexagram) is:


The creative heaven above, the joyous lake below.

This image is about strong pleasure.

       The 12th House puts an obvious shadow on this; however the idea is bang on!

Here the superior man is relating to the fun seeking young woman, or someone’s youngest daughter.

       The question is: Would you want this man, even with all his money,  to marry your daughter?

The idea of treading emerges as well as that of proper conduct.

       Well Jagger had it half right, he struts and treads sexuality on the stage in front of all.   He flaunts and ridicules proper conduct. In fact, he often appears to be the old man trying to look like a young and beautiful woman. With Mars in his 12th House, he falls embarrassingly short of this reality. He does however, feed the fantasies of the frustrated, the underprivileged, and the vulgar.

The Judgment:

Concern comes from treading on the tail of a tiger,

which does not bite him.

This brings success.

       Here we see Jagger on the stage, in front of thousands, treading on the tails of both society’s inhibitions and its laws. The tail of the tiger could refer to the rampant use of drugs in the band. It could also apply to singing about sex and violence to the oversexed and the violent! He has achieved fame, notoriety, and financial abundance.

The judgment pictures one who is dealing with wild intractable people. This is dangerous but it can bring success if one behaves with decorum.

       I’m  sure that Jagger’s dramatics and decorum are not what was suggested, but none-the-less it has led to success.

The Image:

Heaven above the lake.

Here the strong man must discriminate between the highly placed and the lowly.

This fortifies the common man.

       Certainly, his earthy blues-rock fortified the fans and reinforced their feelings.

The image continues about unjust class struggles and unfair differences in rank.

If these differences are based on a difference of real worth, then it is correct.

       Well Jagger has literally forced himself to the head of the band. It can be argued that he deserved to be there, and that it was his superior worth that held the band together. His bond with Keith Richards as a writing team and the mainstay of the Rolling Stones repertoire, is an undeniable special worth.

Line 1: The Special Emphasis.

It is important to progress without blame.

One can do his own thing, as long as he is content,

and makes no demands on others.

When a man is dissatisfied, he becomes ambitious,

and tries to get away from poverty and lowliness,

by way of his own personal actions.

Once he attains success

he is certain to become arrogant and luxury loving

at the expense of others.

Unfortunately, this causes worthwhile deeds to remain undone,

and leads in time to guilt and remorse.

The ‘Special Focus’ (the level two hexagram) is


The abysmal water above the receptive earth.

Danger is above, like a storm.

Weakness is below.

To the strong man everyone seems like a weakling. This leads to the idea of dangerous weakness.

       It does not take much to think of Jagger and the band as dangerous weaknesses, with its known addictions, drugs abuse, and even suicidal tendencies of band members. They have a remarkable capacity for self-destruction.

The image goes further to suggest the coming together of difference streams or rivers.

Water has the ability to hold together or join with other water.

Here there are 5 weak lines held together by the power of the ruling fifth line.

The group holds together because of a strong man in a leading position, who finds that his nature is complimented by the others.

This hexagram is unique in that it questions whether the person has the sublimity, consistency, and the perseverance necessary to lead.

If he has the ability there is no blame.

The uncertain will eventually join.

But if anyone comes too late, they will meet with misfortune.

       The accepted rule of the band was that the band came first.

Everyone is benefited by holding together in a complimentary manner.

A strong central figure is needed around whom the others can unite.

If the leader is not up to the task, and does not have a real calling,

then confusion and disaster will follow.

The leader of such a group must make sure that each member sees that his best interests lie in holding together with the group.

Line 5: The specially accentuated line:

Holding together is made real.

Good fortune.

Here there is an influential man to whom the others are attracted.

He flatters no one.

They must come of their own accord, then they will be accepted.

This creates a voluntary dependence on the leader.

Police measures are not necessary.

       Jagger is known to be unflattering, but he can accept the dangerous weaknesses of the other band members in order to hold the musical talent together, to play their own special form of blues-rock.

The Intimate Detail Hexagram (3rd level) is called:


The joyous lake is above the creative heaven.

Pleasure is in the heavens (or in the spotlight.)

The strong creative man relates to the pleasure-seeking girl.

       “Hot Stuff”, “Angie”, “Brown Sugar”, “Honky Tonk Women”.

After a long buildup of tension, comes a breakthrough.

       It seems as if Jagger forces tension to build, so that he can break through the atmosphere and draw attention to himself. This form of contrast for effect is a common theatrical maneuver that Jagger uses constantly. Make the bad guys look really bad and it will make the good guy appear really good.

The Judgment:


It is important to make the matter known in the court.

Truth is essential.

Danger comes from the use of weapons.

It is important to work towards an accomplishable goal.

One inferior person in a position of municipal power

can oppress the creative and superior people.

There is a fight here between passion and reason, and between good and evil.

To accentuate the evil will increase it,

 then one will become attached to hatred and passion.

The best way to fight one’s faults is to actively pursue one’s good qualities.

       This is an uncanny epilogue to the actions and desires of Mick Jagger. It points to a lesson he must learn. Mars in the twelfth house suggest the need for spiritual initiative, instead of a hopeless pursuit of eternal youth and health. As he gets older, the repercussions of the above-mentioned principles will begin to dawn on him.

Line 5:

When dealing with weeds, it is important to be firm.

Hold to the middle way and no guilts will develop.

Weeds grow easily. They are uninvited and cannot be exterminated easily.

One must hold to his true way, or he will be brought down by lesser elements.

Keeping on course will avoid guilt and bring success.

       The association of Jagger and the Rolling Stones to weeds is appropriate in many ways. It could be argued that the Rolling Stones themselves are the weeds, possibly killer weeds! They certainly smoked their share of weeds!  …..one more pleasant but illegal activity. (Mars in Taurus in House 12).

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