Jagger’s Jupiter

Mick Jagger’s Jupiter is at 5° Leo 30’ in House 3

            Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and principles. It reveals your ability to learn from your life experiences and to benefit from the comprehension thus gained. The difficulty with Jupiter is that wrong understanding can lead to dangerous excesses.

            With Jupiter conjunct the Sun and in House 3, Jagger has the ability to communicate successfully and to increase his own creative will and glory. Jupiter increases Jagger’s ego and pride. It allows him to mimic and exaggerate for effect and attention. It implies that he is able to see the path to personal glory and quickly move along its steps. The more applause he gets, the further he will go. Touring is easy for Mick. Each performance is a step to glory and fame.

            Mick Jagger’s Jupiter is also conjunct the IC, Pluto and Mercury. This creates a deep dark Faustian battle over principles and morals. His understanding easily moves towards the realms of darkness. His deepest sense of security is somewhat fearful. Anything that diminishes his expansion could be considered the enemy. This highlights his ability to champion the blues, the underdog, and the villain. Anything or anyone going against his will or momentum must be fought. He can creatively exaggerate injustice. Ponder a while on the implications of this. Misunderstanding and legal battles surround Jagger’s life, both at home and at work. With the opposition to the MC he would be inclined to go against the system, and he would know how to get around it. Unfortunately, the influence of the Pluto conjunction and the square from Mars in H12 implies that he could set dangerous and isolating energies in motion.

            His charisma far outweighs his reality. It would be difficult to live with Mick as he can detach to prove a point, even when he is wrong. This man is not likely to grow old gracefully. Although he is already quite old and into his fifties, Jagger will always be the big kid. He will probably still be kicking when they lower him into his grave!

The I Ching Hexagrams related to Mick Jagger’s Jupiter are:

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is

                                    “The Well”, Hexagram 48, Line 6.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is

                                    “Opposition”, Hexagram 38, Line 3.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is

                                    “The Wanderer”, Hexagram 56, Line 6.

The Main Theme of Jupiter (1st level hexagram) is:


This is the same hexagram that the Sun is in.

He knows how to go to the well and tap it!

The challenge here is to understand the circumstances of nutrition, thirst, poverty, and misfortune. The superior man learns how to encourage people at their work so that all the parts are in sync with each other.

       Jagger is obsessed with the nutrition needed to keep him young forever. The thirst and misfortune implies losses and perhaps addictions.  ( Refer to this hexagram under the Sun.)

Line 6: the Special Emphasis.

An abundant well with enough for all.

There is a well of energy here that one can draw from, almost a fountain of youth!

Here a person has great inner wealth, and as people are naturally attracted to him, his wealth increases.

The ‘Special Focus’ (the level two hexagram) is


The clinging fire above the joyous lake.

Clarity versus pleasure.

People who live in opposition to each other usually cannot undertake great tasks.

Confrontation is not the solution.

One’s influence is limited to steady effects in small matters.

       Jagger is known to have applied this approach to the dealings with band members and their addictions. He did not force a confrontation.

Opposition or contrast as a polarity within a group can be very useful.

       Jagger let the corruption of band members go on because it made him look better!

The insights about sexual relations between man and woman provide the major contrast expressed in Jagger’s songs. There is an opposition in his own sexuality as to which side of the fence he was on.

The image is Opposition.

Even in the midst of fellowship

the superior man maintains his uniqueness.

This implies that a cultured man never falls into vulgarity.

       It could be argued that a vulgar man rarely manifests refinement or culture.

Line 3: The specially accentuated line:

The wagon is dragged back.

The oxen are stopped.

A man’s hair and his nose are cut off.

Not a good beginning but a good end.

Everything seems to conspire against him. He is held back and delayed. He is insulted and dishonored. In spite of this opposition, if he holds to the man with whom he really belongs, good fortune will result. From a bad start can come a good end.

       Jagger and the Rolling Stones were continually harassed and busted. Whenever he travelled the band got into trouble….. sex ….drugs …. violence. Jagger was however still able to hold it together sufficiently to profit from his tours. When the band seemed to have split up and Jagger did three years of his own recording, he came back to his connection with Keith Richards,  and the band played on.

The Intimate Detail Hexagram (3rd level) is called:


Fire on the mountain.

It burns quickly for all to see, but it does not last.

       Perhaps it is Jagger’s Jupiter here that taught him how to keep on burning to last longer than any other big rock group.

Strange places and separation fill the life of the wanderer.

The stranger in a strange land must be cautious.

Only small things can be achieved by a wanderer.

If he attracts bad elements he will be molested and maligned.

The Image:

Fire on the mountain.

The strong man must be clear minded

and cautious in his decisions of discipline,

or else he will attract lawsuits.

Legal matters should be dealt with quickly.

Prison should not become a home.

       Jagger with his stellium in Leo is the fire on the mountain! He did make and break contracts quickly and completely once he made the decision. However, decision making did take Mick a long time.

Line 6:

The birds nest is destroyed by fire.

At first the wanderer laughs

but then he cries and laments.

Through carelessness his cow is lost.

This is unfortunate.

A reckless traveller has no place to sleep. Uncontrolled partying will lead to sorrow and remorse. Carelessness can lead to evil.

       The songbird, Jagger – more like a crow or a blackbird – has lost several homes or places of rest due to carelessness. His homes were generally in poor repair.

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll does not a good marriage make.

The cow is lost …. whether this refers to his wives, his women, or even Brian Jones is a consideration. There have been many casualties on the path of the Rolling Stones which were caused by arrogant recklessness. This was expected in the sixties!

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