Divination Using the Moon

Divination Using the Moon

The Supermoon photo by Peter Rivington

The moon represents one’s sense of security in life. It reveals the nature of your relationship to your mother. The moon shows your capacity to be nurtured or to nurture. It represents your memory and how you reflect on things. It shows how one relates to the past and often what one clings to, or brings with them from the past. Everything before this moment is past. It no longer exists except in memory. It represents the collective unconscious. The way one feels and one’s instincts or hunches are represented by the moon. Usually you don’t really know someone’s moon until you have lived with them. It reveals your basic habits and needs and the style and way one eats, sleeps and lives. It can show the type of mother that your have and the type of mother or nurturer you will be. What you feel you need for security is shown y the moon.

The zodiac sign it is in at birth shows the colouring or attitude that affects your moon or feelings. It is a qualitative influence. It is up to the individual in her or his process of development as to what level one manifests this quality as, or how positive or negative an attitude one has towards mother or the past.

The astrological house the moon is in at birth reveals the circumstances surrounding one’s need for security, or specific areas of focus or expression for those feelings.

It expresses itself easily or with difficulty according to the amount of stress that affects it, and this stress is revealed through the aspects made to the moon from other planets.

symbol of the Moon

The astrological associations are fascinating and quite profound in themselves. Astrology reveals the nature and circumstances of space and time. The I Ching reveals the implications of change. Put them together and a remarkable tool evolves which offers new ways of understanding our relationship to time and place and a meaningful existence. Once one has a sense of the astrological implications, or even if you don’t and bypass that side of things, the hexagrams that the Moon is in remain vibrantly alive, waiting to be explored and studied. It promises a divine or celestial confirmation or affirmation of your life and its idiosyncrasies.

Divination Using the Moon. In trying to understand someone else’s Moon and how it is affected by the hexagrams and lines of hexagrams that it is in takes a little reflection. This is not usually what you see about a famous person. It is more about how they feel and live personally. People who live with them get to know their habits and can see the moon in them a little better than others. It is kind of an inner circle sensitivity. But the I Ching will give advice about their lifestyle and basic habits or needs.

The relationship of Astrology to the I Ching