Taurus Considerations

Taurus Considerations

Some Taurus Considerations:

Taurus is a Fixed sign. Because it is a Fixed sign, it is where Cardinal and Mutable energies meet (at 15º Taurus).

The first half of Taurus is Cardinal or assertive and driving. There is a tendency to make things happen and to act on one’s desires.

The second half of Taurus is Mutable and will be inclined to adapt, adjust and talk rather than force issues.

Cardinal is assertive. Mutable is perceptive. Taurus has one foot on Cardinal ground and the other foot on Mutable ground.

It is Spring and as days get longer and warmer, there will be increasingly more things to do. Taurus will forcefully impose their desires but will adjust their performance whenever it will improve their choices or their quality of life, or when they have a better opportunity to express themselves and their values.

Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of choices, values, and of attraction and repulsion. This is Taurus: strong magnetism and increasing curiosity.

They will not push for something that they do not value.

If something they don’t want is forced on them, they will express anger.

But why force issues when one can accomplish more through the use of charm?

The first half of Taurus is Martian by nature. Mars is the planet of power, impulse, strength and aggression. The first half of Taurus is inclined to be forceful and blatant.

The second half of Taurus is Mercurial by nature. There is a need to communicate and express oneself freely.

As daylight increases so will the value of independence. The freedom and confidence to make one’s own choices and to express oneself will also increase. There is a tendency to direct ones energy into independent and creative pursuits.

Two trigrams meet in Taurus. They are The Joyous and The Creative; pleasure and freedom. There is a need to enjoy oneself and increase personal creative expression.

Two paths converge in Taurus:

Right Livelihood and Right Thought.

The challenge is to avoid causing harm (Mars) and to maintain noble thoughts (Mercury).

Negative actions and negative thoughts will precipitate humiliation and ruin.

One must strive to qualify one’s use of energy and to express what is worthy.

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