Divination Using the Sun

Divination Using the Sun.

The sun in a horoscope represents one’s life purpose and main goals. It reveals your essential creative spirit and how nature of your will power. When positive this shows as a natural sense of confidence but when negative can become arrogant or egotistical. The sun represents your need to be important and to do something with your life. One needs to feel that one is going somewhere and going to succeed. It represents your future, that is everything after this moment. It is your will power.

The sun rules the heart and can reveal the style and quality of one’s capacity to be noble. It often manifest as one’s self esteem. It can be seen as the will power to be significant. I am somebody!

The sign that the sun is in shows the colouring or style of the sun’s expression. It reveals the attitude to life and confidence. There are twelve themes or attitudes, that is, twelve signs which reveal a unique predisposition for each person’s sun.

The house the sun is in reveals a certain area of concern in whish this will power or confidence will be expressed. If the sun is in the first six houses, it means that it is dark outside and the person is more inclined to live a personally creative lifestyle rather than trying to fit in or accomplish things in business terms. If the sun is in houses 6,7,8,9,10,11 or 12 then it is above the horizon and it is day time. People born in the daylight hours tend to find their confidence by getting out of the house and being recognized by others.

The aspects to the sun will show how much stress or tension is needed in that persons life to make their mark or find confidence.

The I Ching hexagram that a planet is in and the line of that hexagram will present a special lesson or insight that is relevant to that person. It can be an affirmation or a warning. It will give feedback about the potentials of experience in that section or degree of the zodiac. In a way the I Ching is an add on. It gives more information about the implication of the changes that the sun or one’s ego is going through.

The line or degree that the Sun is in represents the changing line in the hexagram and reveals a special focus to their self esteem.

There are three levels of relevance within the zodiacal wheel. The first level is the twelve signs of the zodiac which corresponds to the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching.  These are the main themes. The degree or line of the hexagram reveals a special focus. There is a level within the main zodiac level, where the zodiac and the hexagrams repeat themselves every 60 degrees. In the research data you will see first the sign of the zodiac, then the hexagram number and line number  for the main theme level. There will then be a second sign, hexagram number, and hexagram line number. This represent the second or special focus level. This is a theme within a theme. The hexagram will elaborate or embellish the meaning of the accentuated line in the first level hexagram. The teachings just go deeper into how that person will use their will power and strive for their purpose or sense of importance in life. There follows a third sign of the zodiac and a third hexagram and line number. This represents the third or innermost cycle when the zodiac and the I Ching repeat every ten degrees or thirty-six times around the wheel. This is a level of intimate detail. It is a sign within a sign within a sign, or a hexagram within a hexagram within a hexagram. It may seem like a lot but it is no different than how we normally measure time. We have seconds, within minutes, within hours. Telling the time simply works on the three levels, and it is the same with the three levels of the zodiac and the I Ching. In the zodiac we have the main Zodiac sign and then a pentan within it and a sub-pentan within that: a theme within a theme within a theme. The I Ching does the same.

To really study the hexagrams of your own personal horoscope, it would be best to get a sense of the Sign of the Zodiac that is affecting your Sun, moon, or planet. Then you should develop an understanding of the Sun’s house position, how it puts its energy into the affairs and concerns of that house. It will do so easily or with difficulty depending on the aspects made to it. The aspects reveal the stress patterns affecting your Sun Moon or planet.

Once you have grasped the astrological essentials then simply read through the three hexagrams, making notes as to what is relevant. You can just read through the hexagrams without dealing with the astrology end of it if you so choose. The greatest depth and insights will come through an integral use of all the information available.

The Sun in a hexagram will be concerned with confidence, creativity, self esteem and a sense of destiny. The Sun here becomes the question for the I Ching. Any matters of solar concern would apply to these hexagrams and their implications.

The relationship of Astrology to the I Ching