Cancer Hexagrams

DAYLIGHT IS DECREASING    =     Momentum towards responsibility

MORE DAYLIGHT THAN DARKNESS  =  Individuality predominates

CARDINAL    =    Makes things happen.

WATER = Emotional, impressionable, sensuous, judgmental.

FEMININE = Reflective

RULED BY = MOON: Need to be healthy, nurtured, and secure.

KEYNOTE: = “I feel”

PART OF BODY = Stomach, breasts, armpits, solar plexus,

and pancreas.

COLOUR = Orange-yellow, amber.

GEMS = Pearl, crystal, selenite, and black onyx.

METALS = Silver

HERBS = Lettuce, Water lily, chickweed, honeysuckle, agrimony, balm, cucumbers, melons, gourds, watercress, endive, seaweed, and  mushrooms.

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