Divination Using Mars

Divination Using Mars

Planet Mars

Mars is known as the God of war. He actually represents your desire for experience, and what you are capable of doing. Mars signifies strength and muscle tone and how you use your energy. It represents adrenaline and aggressions. How fast do you drive your car? How pushy can you be? It is good to be strong, but there are repercussions if you use your strength and hurt others.

Is the force with you, or do you misuse your energy. Do you try too hard. How forceful are you. Too much force can destroy things. Are your muscles stronger than your bones?

Mars is about how you take the initiative and do things, or don’t. I can show as impatient, temperamental, angry, cruel and harsh, or even accident prone and klutzy. Mars is known for courage when it is at its best, but it can be tremendously intolerant. It is not hard to imagine people with Martian problems, who misuse their energies. What are you good for? What can you do? Mars includes your sexuality or at least that part of it that want to get experienced and prove that one can do what is required.

Symbol of Mars

The sign Mars is in reveals the attitude to using force and the subsequent tendencies that go along with it.

The house Mars is in reveals a specific direction of energy application.

The aspects to Mars will show how stressful using energy can be or how easy.

I Ching Divination Using Mars: The hexagrams and lines that Mars is in will give advice as to the repercussions of strength and force. It will reveal the implications of the experiences you desire or put  into action.

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