Jagger’s Moon

Mick Jagger’s Moon is at 23°Taurus 58’ in House 12

            Mick Jagger’s  Moon is in Taurus the sign where daylight predominates and is also increasing. This reveals an instinct to live his own way and to follow his own independent desires.  His song “Hey! You! Get Off My Cloud!” says a lot. This is a fixed earth sign implying that Jagger likes his comforts and is consistent in his lifestyle and habits. It shows someone who is physically sensitive but not very sympathetic. Taurus is a reflective sign and it is ruled by Venus, bringing a slow to change sense of self-worth and a strong need for satisfaction. Jagger has an ability to measure and assess tactile quality. He will have strong likes and dislikes, with the accompanying strong tides of attraction and repulsion. The expression of this contrast in his life permeated his creativity. Ruled by Venus his moon reveals an instinct for music and the voice.

            Mick Jagger’s Moon is in the twelfth house ….. above the horizon and rising, implying a need to project his feelings and to influence or impress others,  making his personal mark on society. Being in the twelfth house also implies a sense of emptiness and isolation. To himself he does not feel that he belongs, nor that he is good enough. This implies that Jagger has difficulty with closeness and is likely to have his share of isolating habits. He wants attention and to make an impression, but he does not like to get too close. The stage is the almost perfect vehicle for him.  This twelfth house Moon can bring feelings of despair and emptiness. Satisfaction is important but evasive. Witness: “Heart of Stone”, “Out of Reach”, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, and “All my Lovin’s Been In Vain”.  This explains his basic identification with the ‘blues’ as well as his, at times, contempt for women. He can get physical and even sensational, but he cannot get truly intimate. Once Jagger identified with the blues it became a consistent theme in his life. He was brought up to be a businessman or an athlete. He has not lived in the manner he was brought up, but he has used both his athletic and business abilities. Jagger always wants more. We hear the echo of his song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Remember that even his songs are not his own, they were for the most part co-written with Keith Richards.

            Jagger’s adult lifestyle has always been in question. His homes in England ranged from filthy to neglected, and almost non-existent when on the road. “Grown Up All Wrong”.  His closest associated and friends have had excessively bad habits and addictions. Jagger is often concerned about personal security and not without reason, for his association with sex, drugs, Hell’s Angels, and police has been less than harmonious.

            This is a difficult house position for the Moon, but it is not afflicted by dire aspects. Jagger has been able to maintain a consistent musical genre throughout his life. He is talented and has been able to live surrounded by corruption and isolation , while maintaining a dedicated creative life. Jagger, with the Blue Boys and then the Rolling Stones lived in the shadow of the Beatles. His band however has survived where the Beatles have not. By his consistent effort Jagger was  able to make his career and reputation go well beyond the Beatles.

Mick Jagger’s Moon is at 23°Taurus 10’.

The I Ching Hexagrams related to this position are:

Great Taming Power
Moon in Taming Power of the Great

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is

                                    “Great Taming Power”, Hexagram 26, Line 1.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is “Grace”, Hexagram 22, Line 1.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is

                                    “Oppression, Exhaustion”, Hexagram 47, Line 2.

The Main Theme of the Moon (1st level hexagram) is:

“Great Taming Power”

Above the mountain. Below the heavens.

The mountain in the heavens …. Olympus, the mountain of the Gods.

The attribute of this association is the ability to keep still or restrain creative power.

In another way it implies the ability to hold it all together, to hold back, and to hold steady in nurturing those who are close.

Mick did hold his band together in spite of  their lifestyles.

The Judgement:

It is constructive for great creative power to persevere.

Good fortune comes from not eating at home.

It furthers one to cross the great water.

Jagger spent much of his life and certainly his tours, not eating at home. As he grew up, he constantly dreamed of living in America, the land of luxury and freedom. Whenever he did cross the Atlantic, his North American tours were always a great success.

To secure and maintain great creative powers, a strong clear-headed man is required.

Jagger is the strong leader who has held the Rolling Stones together. He, for the most part, held together with the group without going on to his own solo career. He did make a brief solo attempt but returned to the greater success of the band. In general, he could hold his creativity back to align with the band.

Normally consistent habits can maintain order, but whenever a great  amount of energy is being stored up or accumulated, order depends upon the power of the personality.

The worthy are honored and the strong are entrusted with leadership.

Under such conditions great undertakings become possible.

The Image:

Heaven within or beneath the mountain.

Creative power within the mountain.

Jagger has an instinctive ability to control his energy, then erupt volcanically, and still keep things in control. His eruptive erotic performances stop at the edge of the stage. They are controlled.

The superior man learns the sayings of antiquity and the actions of the past.

This enables him to strengthen his own character.

Jagger did learn all the old blues songs of the 1930’s and 40’s. He kept them as ideals to musically strive towards.

The image of heaven within the mountain suggests the presence of hidden treasures.

If one knows the past and can apply these teachings to the present, much can be accomplished.

Well Jagger was able to pass on a new sense of an old blues in songs such as “Down Home Girl” which he did not write but embellished well. This sense surfaced emphatically in the albums “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Let It Bleed”.

Line 1: this line gives a Special Emphasis within the Main Theme.

There is danger close by.

It is appropriate to desist.

Here a man wants to advance aggressively but encounters obstacles.

If he insists on pushing forward misfortune would result.

He must maintain composure and hold back his creative energy

until the right time arises.

Jagger stayed in school while the band grew, in spite of pressures to let go. His problems with the drugs, customs, and the law also required him to hold back and desist.

The second hexagram, the ‘Special Focus’ highlights or elaborates the implications of Line 1 of the Main Theme Hexagram. (Danger is close by.

Cease and desist.)


Here the fire is within the mountain. Keeping still is above and the fire is below. Can one hold back the fire?

The image is of keeping still on hot coals. One must be graceful indeed to accomplish this. This is no easy nor comfortable task. We have here the image of a fire walk, or of an ancient God dancing in flames.

This seems an appropriate parallel to Jagger gyrating and dancing on stage, full of passion and sensuality, on the edge of an audience burning with desire. At Altamont the fire got out of control. “Dancing, Dancing, Dancing with Mr. ‘D’ “.

Line 1: The specially accentuated line  gives intimate detail within the specific focus of Grace.

He has grace in his toes.

This points to Jagger’s agility and brings to mind his very effeminate style of dancing in little seemingly high-heeled steps.

The third hexagram, the “Intimate Detail” elaborates the previous line in the Special Focus. (He has grace in his toes.)

The Intimate Detail Hexagram is called:


The joyous lake is above the abysmal water.

The implication here is that of Dangerous pleasure, or of pleasure that overrides discrimination. Who knows what too much pleasure can lead to?

This is fascinating as the danger of drug and alcohol dependency pervades the musicians around Mick. Brian Jones drowned in his own pool during a party. Even at Altamont the pleasure took a dangerous turn. Jagger’s agile and powerful energies have always been surrounded by the lethargy and sloth of the drug induced musicians around him.

The Judgment:

Success in spite of oppression.

The great man creates good fortune.

No guilt.

His words are not believed.

Periods of adversity can be turned to success if the right person is at hand. Good will, in the midst of danger, can create stability and survive the adversities of fate.

Failure will come if your spirit is broken by exhaustion.

To overcome adversity, it is important to bend rather than break.

Brian Jones broke. Keith Richards lost it through exhaustion. Jagger was able to adjust and bend (Gemini Rising).

The Image:

A lake with no water.


The superior man’s life depends

on following his own will!

Jagger has no water in his chart. Pleasure with no sympathy. Sensation with no satisfaction. …….”a Heart of Stone”.

When adversity surfaces,

one must acknowledge the vulnerabilities,

and remain true to himself.

“What can a poor boy do, but to play in a rock and roll band…..”

Line 2:

Oppressed while eating.

A prince is coming.

Offer a sacrifice.

Going leads to misfortune.

No guilt.

This line criticizes diet and nutrition, something that Jagger places great importance on. He doesn’t want to get old!  Who does! The other band members ate and drank abysmally. This whole line seems to point to the album “Goat’s Head Soup”.

The implication of being prepared surfaces.

After Altamont Jagger became much more concerned with security and potential lapses, partly because of the threat of being murdered.

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