Zodiac Considerations

Zodiac Considerations

I Ching, Astrology and the Eightfold Path

The first paragraph gives a simple description of the nature and attitude of the sign of the zodiac.

Every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet, or has a planetary association that conditions the way people born under that sign function. This paragraph describes the nature of the planet and its influence on the zodiac sign.

There is a trigram association to each zodiac sign. There are however, 12 signs and only 8 trigrams. Eight of the signs correspond to one of the trigrams. The four fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are each influenced by two trigrams. In essence each trigram corre­sponds to one and one-half zodiac signs, or forty-five degrees, or one eighth of the circle. In this paragraph, the influence of the trigram(s) on the zodiac sign is elaborated.

The Eight-fold Path of Buddhism corresponds to the eight trigrams, and also has a presence or influence on the nature of each zodiac sign. To an astrologer, the I Ching trigrams and the eight-fold path present new associations and meanings relevant to each zodiac sign. To one fa­miliar with the I Ching, the zodiac attributes and those of the eight-fold path present new levels of relevance. To one familiar with the eight-fold path, associations to the I Ching and zodiac at­tributes further elaborate the nature of each path. These are simply brief associations and guide­lines. Words cannot express these associations fully, but a start has been made.

The relationship of Astrology to the I Ching