Libra Hexagrams

DAYLIGHT IS DECREASING    =    Momentum towards responsibility

MORE DARKNESS THAN DAYLIGHT  =  Belonging predominates

CARDINAL    =   Makes things happen.

AIR = Communicative, intelligent, cerebral.

MASCULINE = Projective.

RULED BY = VENUS: Desire for satisfaction, appreciation. self worth..

KEYNOTE: = “I balance” (I harmonize)

PART OF BODY = Kidneys, ovaries, loins, appendix.

COLOUR = Green.

GEMS = Opal, diamond, moss agate, coral, jade, alabaster, lapis lazuli, beryl, and chrysolite.

METALS = Copper

HERBS = Dandelion, yarrow, penny royal, violet, thyme, catnip, silverweed, archangel, bearberry, burdock, and almonds.

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