Jagger’s Mercury

Mick Jagger’s Mercury is at 10° Leo 56’ in House 4

            Jagger need to be applauded for his ideas. He wants to impress and even shock people with his thoughts. His determination and artistic expression contributed in a major way to his creative songwriting. Being in the fourth house and conjunct his IC, Jagger is deeply motivated to build security around his ideas and his writing. He has never been much of a musician, but he certainly has a way with words……. his words! He puts power and flare into his ideas, a quality which shines most evidently in his songwriting and singing.

            With the multiple conjunction to the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto and the IC, he is dramatically expressive and tends to challenge concepts of morality. Pluto adds the darkness as in “Sympathy for the Devil” , or “Dancing with Mr. D”. With Mars squaring his Mercury Jagger is witty agile, and sarcastic. He punctuates his words with blatant sexual and physical moves. His songs are consistently concerned with sex, and they are successful for that very reason. He  has a personal dialog over whether the singer or the song is more important. With his Sun in Leo “It’s the Singer Not the Song”, but deep down inside it is the song and the idea!

The I Ching Hexagrams related to Mick Jagger’s Mercury are:

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is

                                    “Work On What Is Spoiled”, Hexagram 18, Line 5.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is

                                    “Small Taming Power”,Hexagram 9, Line 1.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is

                                    “Opposition”, Hexagram 38, Line 4.

The Main Theme of Mercury (1st level hexagram) is:

Work On What’s Been Spoiled (Damage Control)

Here is a bowl filled with worms.

There is decay and guilt.

There is a need to find and remove the cause of guilt.

            Perhaps this is echoed by Jagger in  “Pain In My Heart”

Corruption through the abuse of personal freedom.

Work is needed to fix what has been spoiled.

            This summarizes a great deal of Jagger’s concerns: junkies in the band, drug busts, immigration problems, agents and recording companies ripping him off.

Even though Altamont started as an ideal of freedom …. give a free concert in California ….. It got corrupted by Hell’s Angels and murder!

This could be summed up as damage control. The work though dangerous must be embraced energetically even though it means crossing the great water.

Inertia and indifference must be replaced by energy and decisiveness.

The Image:

The wind is mild at the foot of the mountain.

There is much decay and rot here.

The superior man will arouse the people

and strengthen their spirits.

            It seems that good music can stir the masses and strengthen their spirits. This is an excellent expression of Jagger’s songs and dances, and of the Rolling Stones popularity. They are a breath of fresh air in the rot and sewers of life!

Debasing attitudes lead to corruption.

The superior man must renew society by stirring up public opinion

reinforcing the confidence and strength of those who hear.

            The decay at the foot of the mountain could be considered as the fans at the edge of the stage, or even the musicians at the foot of the bands mountainous status.

Line 5: this line gives a Special Emphasis within the Main Theme.

Fixing what was spoiled by the father brings praise.

Corruption springs from early neglect.

On his own nothing can be done,

But in a group with helpers,

reform can be accomplished and lead to success.

            Perhaps it was Mick himself that got spoiled?

The ‘Special Focus’ (the level two hexagram)


This is the power of the shadow.

It can restrict or impede.

Strength is held in check by weakness.

Gentleness will lead to success.

The Judgment:

Dense clouds but no rain.

“Hey, Hey, You! Get Off My Cloud”

The problem is how to keep a tyrant in check.

Obstacles prevent immediate success.

Be Prepared.

Inner firmness and outer gentleness will win the day.

            This reveals Jagger’s attitude towards the band, its members and himself.

There is room to argue who the tyrant might be!

The Image:

Here the superior man improves

and develops the outward aspect of his nature.

            Jagger painstakingly cultivated his image and its effects.

Line 1: The specially accentuated line:

No blame in returning to the way.

In pressing forward a strong man runs into obstacles.

Returning to his way or his roots will increase his options.

            Whenever lost or obstructed, Jagger and the Rolling Stones returned to their blues/rock roots. Witness: “Let It Bleed”, “Honky Tonk Woman”, “Love In Vain”, and  “Midnight Rambler”.

The Intimate Detail Hexagram (3rd level) is called:


Fire above water.

Clarity versus pleasure.

Fire burns up and water flows down.

The Judgment:


Success in small matters.

People living in opposition and estrangement are handicapped.

Great achievement is blocked.

Avoid great judgments and avoid subsequent action.

Success in times of contrast comes slowly in small matters.

            Sex, drugs, alcohol, junky’s inertia and a depressed environment provided enough opposition for Jagger to shine. The contrast made him look great!

The Image:

Amidst fellowship

The great man can retain his individuality.

            Jagger has been able to avoid the addictions and subsequent debasing habits of the rest of the band. At least he did not let himself deteriorate to the same degree.

Line 4:

Isolated because of opposition.

In the midst of danger one finds a like minded companion that can be trusted.

No guilt in this!

This highlights the way that Mick met Keith Richards which led to the formation of the Rollin’ Stones. Mick would even write his songs in collaboration with Keith  at the isolation of the others. This did indeed cause opposition and contrast.

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