Jagger’s Horoscope

   I chose to study the horoscope of Mick Jagger because he is an exciting person with an incredible lifestyle. I have listened to his music from the very beginning of the Rolling Stones. I appreciate his accomplishments. He has maintained his career and a consistent style of music for over thirty years, outlasting all of his contemporaries. Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones have become a standard. in the music field.

   I used two biographies to obtain my historical and personal data. I do not personally know Mick Jagger, but I have followed his career with interest and his music with appreciation.  The books I used for reference and personal detail are:  1. “Mick Jagger, primitive cool” by Christopher Sandford,  and 2. “Mick Jagger, Everybody’s Lucifer” by Tony Scaduto. The birth data came from the Arthur Blackwell collection. The time was recorded by the doctor who delivered him. Robin Armstrong, Dec. 12, 1996

Horoscope of Mick Jagger
Horoscope of Mick Jagger with I Ching hexagrams.
Birth data of Mick Jagger with angles
Birth data of Mick Jagger with angles and hexagrams.
Planet Positions of Mick Jagger
Planet Positions of Mick Jagger with Hexagrams

The aspectarian below lists all of the aspects in the chart with the corresponding I Ching hexagrams. The aspectarian needs to be read from left to right.

Aspectarian of Mick Jagger
Aspectarian of Mick Jagger with hexagrams.
Aspectarian of Mick Jagger part 2
Aspectarian of Mick Jagger with hexagrams. part 2.

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