Jagger’s Venus

Mick Jagger’s Venus is at 13° Virgo 34’ in House 5

            Venus symbolizes the need to be loved. It is in Virgo. Jagger has always been critical about his talents and self-worth. With Venus in an earth sign he is sensitive about his appearance and his health and it is this concern that kept him from going too far with drugs. Jagger has a love of sports as well as creative arts. The Mercury rulership points to his needing appreciation for his ideas and songwriting.

            Uranus squares Venus from house 12 making Jagger eccentric in his tastes and unstable emotionally. His ability to receive love and be satisfied is afflicted. Unstable love is one of his creative themes. Jagger has difficulty being close and vulnerable to others. “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, “Love In Vain”, and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” are good examples.  In truth he is insecure about his musical talents hence a songwriting partnership with someone who is more capable musically.

The I Ching Hexagrams related to Mick Jagger’s Venus are:

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is

                                    “Abysmal Water”, Hexagram 29, Line 5.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is

                                    “Splitting Apart”,Hexagram 23, Line 3.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is

                                    “Work On What’s Been Spoiled”, Hexagram 18, Line 3.

The Main Theme of Venus (1st level hexagram) is:


The abysmal water.

Dangerous water is doubled.

The heart is locked up within the body.

Light is enclosed in darkness.

Danger on top of danger.

Danger here can be overcome.

One can escape if he behaves properly.

Songs like “Let It Bleed”, “Midnight Rambler”, and “Sympathy For The Devil” come to mind. Jagger always wanted to live across the ocean in America, but danger upon danger piled up. He built a moat around his house for protection, and Brian Jones drowned in his backyard pool. He was swimming at night and stoned! Jagger is surrounded by danger, on and off the stage.

The Judgment:

Sincerity brings success.

Accustomed to danger but not attached to it.

Keep true to yourself and do not wait in danger.

You’ve gotta move on.

The protection comes from being alert to danger.

Jagger’s travelling agenda and concert touring kept him on the move and out of danger. Keeping still would attract police and problems.

The Image:

As water flows on to reach its goal,

The superior man must walk in virtue and teach the same,

Otherwise danger and guilt will increase.

Line 5: the Special Emphasis.

The abyss is filled to the rim

but it is not overflowing.

No guilt.

Excessive ambition creates danger.

Do not reach beyond your limits.

The line of least resistance will get you out of danger.

Here we have Jagger’s driving ambition. Even when he tried to go out on his own he did not do as well as when he was with the band.

In spite of the dangers he basically held to the band.

The ‘Special Focus’ (the level two hexagram) is


The dark lines push out the last light line.

Inferior and dark elements undermine the strong light element,

and cause a collapse.

The roof is being shattered.

The house collapses.

Jagger bought a mansion in England. He lived in it occasionally but it was always in repair. In fact many of the houses he purchased were kept in ill repair. You could say he brought the roof down on himself as the police often busted into his home searching for drugs. Songs like “Gimme Shelter”, “Sitting on a Fence”, and “Gotta Get Away”” did not arise out of coincidence.

The Judgment:

Splitting apart.

To go somewhere leads to misfortune and loss.

When weak or inferior people are in the majority, it is not the time to start anything.

It is wiser to submit to the time and avoid taking action.

The Image:

The mountain on the earth.

The only way for the superior man to maintain his position,

is to give generously to those below.

If the mountain is too steep it will collapse.

Secure your foundations and you will become as secure as a mountain.

Jagger’s holding to the roots of blues and rock, and to the passions of the common man has secured his fame. Even the gift of a free show at Altamont had some positive side effects. His records continued to sell.

Line 3: The specially accentuated line:

He splits with them.

No Blame.

An individual is committed to an evil or dark environment.

With the help of a man with inner light

he can and must move away from the darkness.

There is no blame in this.

There were many splits within the band. Mick had to split with Brian Jones who was the early leader of the band in everybody’s mind but Jagger’s own. There were many splits with Keith Richards and they were repaired. This goes further to cover the many bridges that had to be burned behind him …..agents, recording companies, and cling-ons in general.

The Intimate Detail Hexagram (3rd level) is called:


How to get rid of rot, corruption and inertia.

Decisive energy must overcome inertia and indifference.

Correcting what has been spoiled by the father.

Some remorse. No great guilt.

Proceeding with excess energy can be embarrassing but it is needed, and it is the lesser of evils.

Once again this hexagram surfaces with the hint of Jagger being spoiled.

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