Sagittarius Hexagrams

DAYLIGHT IS DECREASING    =           Momentum towards responsibility

MORE DARKNESS THAN DAYLIGHT  =   Belonging predominates

MUTABLE     =     Adaptable, perceptive, manipulative.

FIRE = Needs to burn energy, enthusiastic, proud

MASCULINE = Projective.

RULED BY = JUPITER: needs principles, tends to  exaggerate.

KEYNOTE: = “I see” or ” I understand”

PART OF BODY = Hips, thighs, and sacral region.

COLOUR = Blue.

GEMS = Carbuncle, turquoise, amethyst, topaz, and moonstone.


HERBS = Asparagus, sage, leek, nutmeg, cloves, rhubarb, strawberries, mints, sugar cane, currants, agrimony, red clover, and chicory.

The relationship of Astrology to the I Ching