Jagger’s Saturn

Mick Jagger’s Saturn is at 21° Gemini 58’ in House 1

            With Saturn in Gemini Jagger wants to be his own authority. It  simply make s sense to him. He continually moves toward more and more individual  power. This makes him ambitious, very controlled, and inhibited on a personal basis. His first impression is serious. Being in Gemini there are two sides to his image and Jagger does thrive in a contrasting image. On the one hand he appears to be free and radical, while on the other he is a very conservative, middle class, businessman. Image control gives him his stage presence.  Jagger is a serious strategist. He has to manage everything.

            Even on stage in the middle of a dance, he has the power to stop dead in his tracks. Music without restraint is simply noise. Jagger in his blues rock genre has restraint.  If we go so far as to give Saturn its older association of being the grim reaper or even the devil himself, the goat headed god, then the first house position of this old devil is blatantly confirmed by Jagger’s songwriting. Many of his songs were written in collaboration with Keith Richards, a junkie! Works of the devil? Who knows? The devil does play a big part in Jagger’s image and songs. Witness his albums: “Their Satanic Majesties Request”, and “Goat’s Head Soup”, with songs like “Sympathy for the Devil”, and “Dancing With Mr. D”. Even the fact of two writers working together is reinforced by the image of Saturn in Gemini. Some other related songs would be “Coming Down Again”, “Dear Doctor”, “Salt of the Earth”, “Respectable”, “Beast of Burden”, Under Cover of the Night”, and “Mean Disposition”.   In fact, blues-rock is about the “down” side of music and life. It’s about the underdog and the underprivileged. Jagger sees the high and low contrast in things. He revels in the contrast. Misery can make him look better!

            The wide square to Neptune can easily be acknowledged by witnessing the corrupt and sleazy side of Jagger’s ambition and stardom. How far is he prepared to go to express depravity?

The I Ching Hexagrams related to Mick Jagger’s Saturn are:

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is

                                    “Breakthrough”, Hexagram 43, Line 3.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is

                                    “Work on What’s Spoiled”, Hexagram 18, Line 6.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is

                                    “Power of the Great”, Hexagram 34, Line 1.

The Main Theme of Saturn (1st level hexagram) is:


This is the Intimate Detail hexagram of Mars. Once again, the theme of strong pleasure or desire surfaces, as does the association of a strong man to a pleasure-seeking young girl. Again, this accentuates an ability to breakthrough to release built up tensions. It points to trouble with the courts and inferior people in authority.

Line 3: the Special Emphasis.

Power in the cheekbones.


The superior man holds firm.

He walks in the rain, alone.

He gets wet, and others gossip about him.

No guilt.

He maintains a relationship to an inferior man.

Outer strength is not the way.

If he turns against this inferior man, danger will threaten everything.

The superior man must stay firm even though he will be maligned.

Relationships with inferiors causes isolation and scandal.

If he is true to himself the superior man will endure.

       This obviously points to members of the band with their addictions and bad energy. Jagger had to hold steady even through the arrests and scandals. Jagger held the band together through many dubious and dark crises. Not only did he endure, but the bad elements of the band made him look great. No one else could have held the Rolling Stones together. Even the name “Rolling Stones” is indicative of Mick Jagger’s Saturn in Gemini in the first house.

The ‘Special Focus’ hexagram (level 2) is:


Worms in decaying food.

Stagnation and guilt.

The situation must be repaired.

       In the early days of the band their house was a rotten disaster. On the road it was not much cleaner. Jagger has certain guilts about not following the career of his father’s choice ….accounting or even sports.

The superior man excites the people and reinforces their spirit.

It is important to get rid of corruption.

       Jagger had to work hard on damage control. Jones’ and Richards’ addictions to heroin and alcohol caused much inertia and stagnation. Jagger had to fight this continually to keep his band alive and functional.

Line 6: The specially accentuated line:

He doesn’t serve kings or princes,

but sets higher goals for himself.

       Jagger’s stage and international acclaim was more important than serving royalty. He had to be number one.

The Intimate Detail Hexagram (3rd level) is called:


The arousing thunder above,  the creative heaven below.

Here we have shocking creativity and a stimulating individual.

The coming together of strength  and movement brings about the power of the great.

       At a glance of Jagger dancing we see movement and strength. At least we see in the movement of his muscles, agility and fitness!

Here inner worth rises forcefully to power.

There is the danger of too much self-reliance,

and the abandonment of principles or morals.

       Did Mick Jagger really sell his soul to the devil?

Too much force leads to poor timing.

In times of great power, the superior man must hold to what is right,

and avoid going against the established order.

       Jagger constantly felt the long arm of the law and of border guards. He was able to avoid the worst repercussions by virtue of his lucky Sun Jupiter conjunction.

Line 1:

Power lies in the toes.

To push forward will bring misfortune.

Great power in a lowly position could misuse its force.

       There is no doubt that the misuse of power surrounded Jagger. However, his control and power to dance is highlighted here. His short step tippy-toed effeminate dance comes to mind. Jagger’s  power is indeed in his toes.

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