Divination Using Venus

Divination Using Venus

Planet Venus

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. In astrology she is seen more as the planets of love and hate, of beauty and ugliness and of attraction and repulsion. She represents the principle of magnetism.

She reveals what satisfies you and the nature of what your desires and wants are. What can I get for me. She is the planet of values and so this includes money and beautiful things. She also represents your tastes and your indulgences. This is a special balance. The more you get what you want the lazier or the fatter you are likely to become. Be careful about what you ask for, because you might get it. Venus represents your sense of self-worth. How valuable or beautiful you think you are. What are you worth? When satisfied she can be the sweetest thing, but when she has to do without she can be very mean or discontented.

Venus represents your manner of evaluating things and how you make your choices as well as what choices you make. She can be irresistible, and she can be ruthless.

Ask yourself how beautiful or worthy or satisfied you are? Venus tries to get things by seduction and attracting them. When noble she is generous, but she can become quite self infatuated and selfish. Have you ever met anyone that wanted everything but didn’t want to do anything for it?

Venus takes a little time to reflect on. She can represent your artistic tastes and talents.

symbol of Venus

The zodiac sign that Venus is in will reveal one’s attitude to satisfaction and one’s predisposition to make certain kinds of choices. The style and esthetics of your life can be seen.

The house that Venus is in can reveal the things one is attracted to. Sometimes these are things and sometimes the desires are more social or cultural.

Aspects to Venus will reveal how much stress is involved in getting what one wants or in finding satisfaction and contentment.

I Ching Divination Using Venus: The hexagram that Venus is in will reveal the implications of one’s choices and values. It will give insights about what happens because of what you want and what happens after you get or don’t get what you want. This is a very powerful and motivating factor in our lives. Some of the negative sides of Venus would be envy, vanity, greed, lust and overindulgence. The positive is charming, magnetic, appreciative, graceful and very giving.

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