Divination Using S- Node

Divination Using the South Node

South Node

The south node or tail of the dragon in astrology is the point where the moon in its orbit crosses the earth’s orbit from the northern half to the southern half of the heavens. This is the marker of eclipses. When the New Moon or Full happen in close proximity to the dragon’s tail (or head) they are eaten up and there is an eclipse.

The moon represents our past, our memories and our habits. The nodes could be considered as a secondary effect of our habits on others and vice versa for the south node.

The nodes are considered by some to represent a point of reincarnation. The south node represents where you are coming from in this life and the qualities you have carried over from a previous life.

It is considered to be a point of destiny that points to the areas of life you are moving away from. It can often point to karmic connections from the past that one has to complete and leave behind. Generally the south node is considered a more negative influence than the north node.

Divination Using the South Node: In this research, the nodes have been included as points of reference, because of the significant value of I Ching advice and the wisdom it would throw on these matters.

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