Gemini Hexagrams

DAYLIGHT IS INCREASING     =   Momentum towards freedom

MORE DAYLIGHT THAN DARKNESS  =  Individuality predominates

MUTABLE     =        Adaptable, perceptive, manipulative.

AIR      =    Communicative, intelligent, cerebral.

MASCULINE = Projective

RULED BY = MERCURY: Need to communicate and make connections

KEYNOTE: = “I think”

PART OF BODY = Lungs, arms, shoulders, and hands.

COLOUR = Orange

GEMS = Agate, marble, topaz, aquamarine, glass, and crystal.

METALS = Mercury

HERBS = Parsley, caraway, lavender, dill,  mulberry, walnuts, flax, ferns, linseed, lily of the valley, and skullcap.

The relationship of Astrology to the I Ching