Scorpio Hexagrams

DAYLIGHT IS DECREASING    =   Momentum towards responsibility

MORE DARKNESS THAN DAYLIGHT  =   Belonging predominates

FIXED    =   Resists change, determined, (stubborn)

WATER = Emotional, impressionable, sensuous, judgmental.

FEMININE = Reflective.

RULED BY = MARS: Desire for experience/ courage.

KEYNOTE: = “I desire”

PART OF BODY = Generative organs, nasal bone, bladder, gall, prostate gland, testicles, colon, and rectum.

COLOUR = Blue-green.

GEMS = Topaz, malachite, jasper, bloodstone, loadstone, and flint.

METALS = Copper

HERBS = Basil, tarragon, nettles, ginger, barberry, blackberry, horehound, blessed thistle, horseradish, leek, onion, garlic, sarsaparilla, and mustard.

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