Divination Using Jupiter

Divination Using Jupiter

Planet Jupiter

In India Jupiter is called Guru or teacher. While Mars is the planet of gaining experience, Jupiter represents learning from experience. When we do, it is very fortunate and when we don’t we run into misunderstandings at every turn. Jupiter is the guiding light. It represents your principles and morals and how you can use them to guide your actions. Jupiter always watches over Mars. What is the result of unprincipled actions? Well most likely it is trouble or war. It is the planet of opportunity.

Jupiter can be a planet of excesses and joviality. It is considered to be the lucky star planet and brings good fortune our way, but it only brings good fortune when we deserve it. Jupiter reveals our ability to assimilate what has happened to us and what is happening around us. Incorrect assessments can cause disasters in life.

The zodiac sign Jupiter is in shows the attitude and the approach we will take to understanding, or the manner and style of our misunderstandings.

When Jupiter is in a house it brings opportunity and abundance. This is usually considered to be a very good thing. It also shows the areas in life where we will be best able to figure things out.

Aspects to Jupiter will show where the challenges to a good understanding can come from.

Symbol of Jupiter

I Ching Divination Using Jupiter: When Jupiter understands Saturn and proper responsibilities, it is able to properly guide Mars. The I Ching hexagrams are written as if they are our teachers. By listening to the changes we cultivate our wisdom. The concept of action with no blame is a Jupiterian concept. Although it may be difficult to discern the understanding of others, history is a good teacher and great insights can come from the way people follow or don’t follow what is right!

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