Divination Using Neptune

Divination Using Neptune

Planet Neptune

Neptune is the planet of romance and adventure. It is also the planet of fantasy and illusion. Big schemes and big dreams and Neptune’s domain. It rules great expectations and also dependencies. Because it often signifies temptation and corruption, its influence includes guilt and sorrow. The dependencies of Neptune can be in terms of relationships, but it can also come through addictive substances, from alcohol, to drugs, to sugar and coffee. Oh, the repercussions of our obsessions and fantasies!

Neptune is the planet of faith, vision, and rapture. It can also be deception and escapism. Neptune wonders at the world, but one must remember that the road to hell is lined with great expectations. Neptune is embraced by religion and the arts. It is the vision, so essential to creativity. Unfortunately, many people do not live up to expectations, and many visions are mere fantastic escapes from reality. The problems of Neptune are guilt, sorrow, dependencies, confusion, expectation, and gullibility. The positive facets are simplicity, humility, faith, sincerity, and self-reliance. No blame is a special healing concern for Neptune because it is too often caught up it guilt, sorrows and wrong expectations or dependencies.

This is another generational influence that everyone born on the planet for fourteen or more years will have Neptune in the same sign. For example, Neptune was in Libra from 1942 to 1956, and this generation became know as the divorce generation.

Symbol of Neptune

The zodiac sign Neptune is in will colour one’s fantasies and visions. And show one’s attitude to romance and adventure.

The affairs of the house that Neptune is in will usually become confused or distorted. One is gullible in these matters. Something will not be as it seems!

Neptune confuses and distorts the functions of the planets that it aspects.

I Ching Divination Using Neptune: The hexagram that Neptune is in will provide fertile ground for fantasy and escape. It is not likely that matters here will be solved easily. At the same time the advice of the changes involving “No Blame” could prove phenomenally insightful; and useful.

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