Scorpio Considerations

Scorpio Considerations

Some Scorpio Considerations:

Scorpio is a Fixed sign. It is where Cardinal and Mutable energies meet at 15°.

The first half of Scorpio is Cardinal or assertive and driving. There is a tendency to sit in judgement, to act on those judgements and to impose the results of those judgements on others. One pushes for trust and commitment. The second half of Scorpio is Mutable. They will be inclined to perceive the needs of others and to adjust one’s performance accordingly. Cardinal is assertive and Mutable is perceptive.  Scorpios have one foot on Cardinal ground and the other foot on Mutable ground.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of force and action. Scorpios are competitive and tend to respond aggressively to inconvenience.

If Scorpios are sincere in their hearts and trustworthy in their actions,

they will be victorious in the struggles of life. If they embrace negative or selfish challenges, they will increase their vulnerabilities.

One is challenged to overcome anger. Revenge is hollow and self-defeating. One must prove that one can be helpful.

It is the middle of Autumn. It is cool and getting colder.

Darkness is increasing. There are growing responsibilities and social consequences to one’s actions. Everyone has an effect! Not all effects are trustworthy or considerate of others. For every action there is an expectation and subsequent judgement.

Darkness is now greater than light. Nights are longer than days. Obligations take priority over freedom. It is important to find meaningful and trustworthy expressions for one’s energy. The energy of two or more people are more than the sum of its parts.

Two trigrams meet in Scorpio: Keeping Still, Mountain and The Receptive, Earth.

One holds on to one’s own judgements but is increasingly vulnerable to the judgements and circumstances of others. One keeps still and waits for deeper understanding.

Two of the Eight-fold Paths meet in Scorpio: Right Effort and Right Understanding. When one understands something to be true, how long will one wait before aligning? Without understanding it becomes difficult to direct one’s energies properly.

One needs to align meaningfully with others.

Misguided efforts will impede progress.

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