Jagger’s DEsc

Mick Jagger’s Desc is at 13° Sagittarius 06’

            The descendant shows how we react to others. It represents the reaction to our projections (Asc). The most obvious association is that of multiple marriages, and marriage to someone from another culture. Both of which are true for Jagger.

Mick Jagger’s Desc opposes Uranus and squares Venus.  Jagger is unstable in his relationships. This is not a comfortable area. Shocking upsets have come from most of his partnerships.

The I Ching Hexagrams related to Mick Jagger’s Desc are:

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is

                                    “Holding Together”, Hexagram 8, Line 5.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is

                                    “Breakthrough”, Hexagram 43, Line 6.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is

                                    “Duration”, Hexagram 32, Line 4.

The Main Theme of the Desc (1st level hexagram) is:


Above is the abysmal dangerous water.

Below is the yielding receptive earth.

The weak lines hold together because of the influence of a strong willful man who is the leader and the centre of the union. The strong line holds the others together.

       Jagger held the band together and he held together with the band’s members.

Those who are unsure will eventually join.

Whoever comes too late encounters misfortune.

       Jagger and Richards were the writers. The others were for the most part, left out of the songwriting credits and royalties.

The Image:

Holding people together is dangerous and mired with great responsibility.

The central figure must have great spirit,

Be consistent and strong.

The leader must have a real calling,

or the group would not survive,

and members would end up in horrible circumstances.

Each person must know that his best interests lie in holding together as a group.

       This is true. Even for Jagger, it is better to hold to the group.

Line 5: the Special Emphasis.

In the hunt animals are chased from three sides.

All are not killed.

Those that  run off are free.

All members come of their own free will.

The leader is accepting.

He invites none and flatters no one!

True leadership will attract those who are meant to join.

       Jagger is certainly known to be unflattering at times,

yet everyone held together around him.

The special focus of Breakthrough, and the Intimate Detail of Duration are the same for the Descendant and the Ascendant.

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