Jagger’s Sun

Mick Jagger’s Sun is at 2° Leo 10’ in House 3

            The Sun is in Leo, the sign where daylight is predominant but darkness is increasing. This shows a person who has to create his own way in life and who needs to impress others with what he is doing. The Sun symbolizes one’s heart and one’s purpose in life. Jagger has a creative playful purpose that loves attention. He is the essential big kid who has to play and be noticed. He is driven to be best. Second best will not do.  (Who remembers the Beatles anyway?) Jagger did very well in school until, in the higher levels he realized he could not be number one. He is a born performer. His power is directed to creative expansion and maintaining a leading role.

            With his Sun in the third house Jagger’s life focus will be in expressing his ideas and making sure that he is heard. He enforces his ideas dramatically. He will act on his ideas and on whatever motivates him. His Sun rules the IC or fourth house. Jagger places great importance on his home, his roots, and his mom, but with his Moon being in the twelfth house, he rarely feels that it was ever good enough ……. hence his bluesy angry style.

            Jagger’s Sun is part of a stellium in Leo. It conjuncts Jupiter, Pluto in House 3 and also conjuncts the IC and Mercury. This emphasizes Jagger’s powerful and successful ability to express himself creatively as a songwriter. He really gets into and exaggerates his ideas, acting them out to the hilt. The Jupiter Pluto presence unveils  a deep struggle over principles and morals, with a marked tendency to fight against self-righteousness. This stellium also squares Mars in House 12 revealing his sarcastic wit, aggressive agility, and excessive but self-isolating concerns over sex. A parallel would be how most prostitutes have a blatant contempt for their johns. Yes, Mick has always been very concern over violence and control, a concern that multiplied after Altamont. His performances are vital, energetic and exaggerated. On close quarters however Mick would have trouble with intimacy and sexuality. He is a determined man who can put out but will struggle with his own receptivity. His Pluto conjunct the Sun,  with Mars and the Moon in Taurus in House 12, and Venus afflicted by its square from Uranus, all contribute to a common theme in his songs.

Hits, such as; “Heart of Stone” and “Can’t Get No Satisfaction”

The I Ching Hexagrams that relate to this position of Jagger’s Sun are:

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is “THE WELL”, Hexagram 48, Line 3.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is “LIMITATION”, Hexagram 60, Line 2.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is “BREAKTHROUGH”, Hexagram 43, Line 6.

The Main Theme of the Sun (1st level hexagram) is:


Water is above. Wood is below.

This symbolizes the bucket that goes down into the well and brings the water up.

One idea here is the ability to draw nutrition  from an inexhaustible source of water.

This also implies the ability to draw meaning and inspiration from the depth of life: the psyche, the unconscious ……. and perhaps even from the music and the blues.

Another idea implied is that of dangerous gentleness, or the danger surrounding gentle penetration.

This image is readily given to Jagger by his fans who see a gentle side to him.

The Judgement:

Everyone comes to the well and draws from it.

But those whose bucket breaks do not find nourishment, but rather misfortune.

            A theme is brought out here that has significant relevance to Jagger and his creativity.

The well is one of those social structures that go down to the very foundations of life.

It answers man’s most primitive needs.

For a political or social organization to survive it must take care of deep and basic needs.

If the order is superficial, deep needs will be ignored.

Violence and disaster  would likely follow.

            Much of Jagger’s personal life as well as his songwriting is obsessed with injustice and blues.

The hexagram talks about the foundations of human nature and of spiritual depth.

It highlights two problems:

            1. a failure to penetrate to the real roots of life  and to thus get fixed in convention.

            2. a capacity to collapse and neglect self-development.

The Image:

The roots of a plant suck water up to keep the plant active and healthy.

            Jagger with his blues traditions and concern over health (or to be exact aging), would hold the band together. The operation of the Rolling Stones requires teamwork which every player must adjust to. The needs of the group predominate. Jagger did hold to his roots and to his band.

Line 3: the Special emphasis line.

No one drinks from this well even though it is clean.

Sorrow because it could be used.

If the leader is clear minded, everyone will benefit.

A capable man is at hand but no use is made of him. All who know him are sad.

If only the leader could see this!

Brian Jones felt tremendously isolated and left out of the Jagger/Richards writing team. Keith Richards also felt alienated from Jagger in later years.

Jagger has the ability to aggressively put out his ideas, but he is not always receptive nor considerate of those around him. At times he can’t see it!

The Special Focus of the Sun (2nd level hexagram) is:


Abysmal water over the lake.

Dangerous pleasures can get out of hand if they are not limited or restrained.

This pictures a flooding lake and highlights the need to establish limits.

Applied to life this means limits on finances and  limits on loyalty.

            These are major  Jagger issues. He has consistently worked to limit expenses and control the band and its business. When the limits were not there they got ripped off!

Limitation brings success,

but exceptional limitation will cause harm.

Extreme limitations will damage the body.

Imposing excessive limitations on others

will cause rebellion and failure.

            Jagger is very concerned about his health. He has always maintained far better  self-control than those around him. Restricting the group and controlling it has caused rebellion and “exile”. Witness Brian Jones isolation and Keith Richards drug busts. Jagger even built a moat around his home for defense.

The Image:

Water over the lake.

The superior man generates great abundance.

He must measure what he does.

This creates the need to study what is virtuous correct conduct, and what is not!

A  lake can only hold so much water.

A person must be discriminating and self-restrained if he is to become prominent.

The challenge lies in the ability to define the essence of morality.

Unlimited possibilities would dissolve the meaning of a person’s life.

To be strong and creative requires restraint and acceptance of duty.

            The issue of morality has certainly dominated Jagger’s writings and performances.

Witness his exaggerated emphasis on sex and drugs. He even developed a bisexual identity by cross dressing. His saving grace has been his dedication and duty to the band ……. his band of course!

Line 2: The specially accentuated line.

If one does not go out of the gate or the courtyard,

it brings misfortune and loss.

            Jagger  grew up dreaming of living in the USA.

Certainly the band would not have made it big if they had not gone to Europe and America.

Jagger even moved out of England to avoid the excessive taxes.

When the moment for action comes,

it must be embraced quickly.

Some hesitation can be valuable,

but when the way clears, action is imperative for success.

Missed opportunity will lead to disaster.

            This was a rule of thumb for the band. Whenever an audience got unruly, they would await for the right time or moment to disappear. It may have saved their lives at Altamont. The audience filled with Hell’s Angels got violent. A young man was killed in front of the stage. The band hung in and played, until in the nick of time, they were able to get away by helicopter.

The Intimate Detail hexagram of the Sun (3rd level) is:


Water in the heavens.

A breakthrough is like a cloudburst. It releases tension.

The superior man can break through the effects of inferior or weak people.

Resolute action creates breakthrough.

The Judgment:

Breakthrough. One must be truthful at the court.

There is danger here.

One must inform one’s own city.

This is not a time to use weapons.

It is better to undertake something.

Inferior people can oppress superior men. A passion in one’s heart can diminish reason.

There is a struggle here between good and evil. Regulations and rules must not be ignored.

If one fights evil on its own level, hatred and passion ensue, and misfortune will occur.

Concentrating on one’s faults will increase the fault.

Dedicated working towards the good will diminish the bad.

The Image:

The lake in the heavens.

Creative joy. Breakthrough.

The great man gives out his riches to those less fortunate or beneath him.

He does not rest on his laurels.

Selfish accumulation of wealth will lead to collapse.

It is important to spread it around and help others.

            This was Bianca’s challenge to Mick. The Nicaraguan cause was  the first major  one that he publicly supported. Until then he had avoided the issue. There were many radical causes he refused to help, perhaps to his credit.

He must examine himself continuously to keep his character growing.

He certainly did this musically.

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