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Correspondence of the I Ching hexagrams to the Zodiac.

Intro to Astrology and I Ching

The I Ching and Astrology are interrelated.

The I Ching is a Zodiac of 64 divisions.

This site is developed by Robin Armstrong and all the articles are written by him.

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I Ching Links


How to use your horoscope to access the I Ching. The 64 Hexagrams as a Zodiac of 64 divisions.


The relationship of the three main cycles: the year(sun), the month (moon) and the day (earth) to both the I Ching and astrology.

A site about the I Ching with a good history, and instructions about how to divine a hexagram using yarrow stalks, coins or dice. The mystical Great Treatise that explains the inner depths of the I Ching is also here.

A new interpretation of the I Ching Hexagrams. References to the Superior Man have been removed. In its place the accentuation is on the individual. One does this, one does that, one remains free of blame!

A collection of cosmic connections to the I Ching. How numbers, the Kabbalah, and the seven rays relate to the I Ching, and to many other systems of understanding.

On this site you will find applications of the I Ching to rhythm, melody and to chanting. This takes the I Ching interpretations beyond the realm of words.

This website is my resume!

The relationship of Astrology to the I Ching