Divination Using the DESC

Divination Using the DESC or Descendant

The Desc. or Descendant in the horoscope is the point of the zodiac on the western horizon. It is the point where one is conscious of one’s relationship to others. This is the point where take impressions or feedback from the outer world and let them settle and affect your personal depths and motivation. It is the point where you begin to take things personally and where you respond to others. Often it shows your vulnerable point where you can be influenced. Impressions here usually cause a need for adjustment or improvement. Good feedback will have a tremendous effect. The zodiac sign here will colour the manner of our response and the type of people we respond to.

Divination Using the DESC or Descendant: This point is determined from the exact time of birth at a specific place. This is a vital personal point of significance in a horoscope and one that is fertile for an association with the understanding of the I Ching.

The relationship of Astrology to the I Ching