Divination Using Saturn

Divination Using Saturn

Planet Saturn

Saturn is the planet of time and old age. It is known as the Grim Reaper. There is only so much time in life, and it is difficult to grow old gracefully. The essential question of Saturn is, what have you done with your life? Are you responsible? Can you be efficient and reliable? Do you deserve respect? Are you worth listening to? Are you responsible? Saturn represents our sense of respect and self-discipline. It shows one’s work ethic and ability to achieve.

Saturn is reserved, inhibited and very cautious. It is the planets of restraint and listening. It is the planet of karma and justice. Inhibition causes ambition. Authority is learned first from parents, then teachers, then bosses. A weak Saturn implies a weak father figure and little or no discipline when younger. Saturn represents making plans and achieving goals over a long time. It is the planet of self-discipline and self restraint.

Saturn rules the teeth, the backbone, the joints, and the skin. If you are capable of working hard and disciplining yourself then great accomplishments can be achieved. This will bring respect and honour. Can you do with out or restrain yourself when necessary. Can you make yourself be prepared for any job and not let others down?

Can you be consistent when the going gets tough? Can you make commitments and live up to them? These are all Saturn concerns.

Symbol of Saturn

The zodiac sign that Saturn is in will reveal you attitude to authority, responsibility and honour. It will show your attitude to self-restraint and how you will face limitations and delays.

The house Saturn is in will show an area where you will run into difficulties and where you will have to work hard to fix or maintain things. Usually the house Saturn is in is deprived or diminished in some way.

Aspects from Saturn will put the pressures of responsibility on other planets. This can cause depression and boredom, and usually shows where an extra long-term effort is needed.

I Ching Divination Using Saturn: The hexagram Saturn is in will imply one’s relationship to authority and reveal issues one should be concerned about if one is to accomplish something.

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