Jagger’s MC

Mick Jagger’s MC is at 8° Aquarius 09’

            The Rolling Stones provided the Aquarian group that would be so important to Mick Jagger and his career. He put a serious emphasis on the demands of the group and its status. The MC conjuncts the South Node and opposes Mercury and Pluto.  This shows that the group members had bad habits and attitudes which profoundly affected the social status of the group. This manifested in their association to drugs, alcohol, violence, civil unrest, and police arrests. Some people seem to be at their best when they are bad. Band members consistently had trouble with authority both within and without the band.

            Mick Jagger’s MC opposition to the Sun and Jupiter generated great competitiveness about who was the leader. This tension was and is a big part of the Rolling Stones. Some cities and even countries did not want them and refused them entry. They were often hassled at borders.  They may have grown in the shadow of the good boy  Beatles, but the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger survived to become the longest running rock band rising into the realm of myth. In fact Jagger and the Stones capitalized on their own shadowy reputation.

The I Ching Hexagrams related to Mick Jagger’s MC are:

The MAIN THEME (Level 1) is

                                    “Following”, Hexagram 17, Line 3.

The SPECIAL FOCUS (Level 2) is

                                    “Great Taming Power”, Hexagram 26, Line 6.

The INTIMATE DETAIL (Level 3) is

                                    “Increase”, Hexagram 42, Line 6.

The Main Theme of the MC (1st level hexagram) is:


The lake above, thunder below.

Joyous arousal or stimulated pleasure.

       Sex and shock is what made Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones famous. His songs are about sex, pleasure, and satisfaction. His ability to generate shock and sexual tension is what he is recognized and applauded for. You never know what Jagger will wear or how far he will go, when on stage. This includes dressing in drag for a concert filled with Hell’s Angels and ripping off Tina Turner’s dress on stage. This is entertainment at its shocking best! It commands attention and generates hysteria. It sells records! Jagger and the Rolling Stones woke up the desires and passions of the audience. Fans loved it. They became hooked on dangerous excitement. It’s fun! Who wants a safe relationship anyway?  ……certainly not teenagers!

       The Stones generated a following. Once you heard or saw them perform, your sense of music changed. It came alive. It was and is gutsy and real.

An older man gets a young girl or girls to follow him.

       This is Mick! This is the “Little Red Rooster” strutting on the stage, squawking, screaming, taunting, singing, “Let’s Spend the Night Together” and promising “Good Times”.

To obtain a following it is necessary to adjust to the demands of the time and place.

If one is consistent at this, great following results.

       The Stones toured relentlessly from city to city, riding the wave of the British invasion as it grew, and then going beyond the wave. They sweat for their following.

The Image:

Thunder in the lake implies a time of unsettled darkness.

       It could be argued that the main social power of Jagger is his ability to stimulate darkness, hidden desires and wet dreams!

Line 3: The Special Emphasis.

If you cling to the man

you lose the little boy.

Through following you are able to find what you are searching for.

       The little boy blue encountered puberty and became known as a Rolling Stone!

(‘The Blue Boys’ was Jagger’s original band name before the Rolling Stones.)

The Special Focus and the Intimate Detail Hexagrams are identical for the MC and the IC. In fact, this is so in the I Ching for every exact opposition.

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