Divination Using Mercury

Divination Using Mercury

Planet Mercury

Mercury is the planet of communications and personal expression. It stands for the way we make sense of things and the manner is which we perceive and learn. It shows how we make associations between the past, present and future. This includes our sense of time and our sense of timing. Mercury is the mind and the intellect. It represents our alertness and our agility. When we are thinking clearly we are alert and aware. When we are not we get quite muddled  and confused.

The zodiac sign that Mercury is in reveals the attitude behind our perceptions. It shows our style of thinking and how our intellect is biased. Some people are independent thinkers while others figure things out in context to others.

The house that Mercury is in gives insight into the areas of concern that one is most affected by, or thinks most about.

The more stressful the astrological aspects, the more challenged thinking and expression becomes. Some stress makes one thinks sharper and more clearly, while other types of stress weaken or confuse ones personal expression.

Symbol of Mercury

I Ching Divination Using Mercury

The hexagrams that Mercury is in will shed light on the workings of one’s mind and the vulnerabilities that emerge for that way of thinking. It will be like the mind talking to itself. This is however, a difficult thing to assess for someone else.

The relationship of Astrology to the I Ching