Leo Considerations

Leo Considerations

Some Leo Considerations:

Leo is a fixed sign. It is where Cardinal and Mutable energies meet (at 15º Leo).

The first half of Leo is Cardinal or assertive and driving. There is a tendency to make things happen and to get attention.

The second half of Leo is Mutable and will be inclined to adapt or adjust their perception rather than push forward. Cardinal is assertive. Mutable is perceptive. Leos have one foot on Cardinal ground and the other foot on Mutable ground.

Ruled by the Sun, Leos are willful and proud.

They are inclined to lead or be best at what they do.

The first half of Leo is affected by the Moon and will act on their feelings and instincts.

The second half of Leo is influenced by Mercury. They will have to learn to adjust their ideas about themselves and others.

It is the middle of Summer. It is warm but getting cooler.

The darkness is increasing. Every action will have repercussions and will affect others. Responsibilities are increasing. One wants to do as much as one can before the colder days arrive. Daylight is still greater than darkness and Leos will do their own thing as long as they can. They like to play and lead and win! There is a need to be proud of oneself and to maintain a high sense of self-esteem.

In Leo two trigrams meet at the fifteen degree point. They are The Gentle, the Penetrating, Wind and Wood; and The Abysmal, Water. Leos have the ability to penetrate to the centre of any group or situation, and they also are vulnerable to the dangers of delusions of grandeur.

Two of the Eight-fold Paths meet in Leo.

They are Right Concentration and Right Mindfulness.

If one is too focused on oneself, one will be a hindrance rather than a help.

If one is not alert to one’s effect on others, great errors can be made.

How can one be properly aligned and champion the right cause?

On what does worthiness and nobility depend?

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